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Story Summary

Genre: ROMANCE / DRAMA | Rated T+ / Teen Plus

She’s young, single, and about to achieve her dream of creating incredible video games. But then life throws her a one-two punch: a popular streamer gives her first game a scathing review. Even worse, she discovers that the same troublesome critic is now her new neighbor! A funny, sexy, and all-too-real story about gaming, memes, and social anxiety.

Come for the plot, stay for the doggo.

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Volume One

Volume 1 of Let’s Play collects the first 23 chapters of the Eisner-nominated webtoon, with an additional print-exclusive chapter called “Bowser’s Big Day,” the origin story of how Bowser came into Sam Young’s life.

Volume Two

Volume 2 of Let’s Play includes chapters 24 – 40 of the webtoon.

Volume Three

Volume 3 of Let’s Play includes chapters 41 – 57 of the webtoon.

Tome 1

Un streamer populaire + une gameuse introvertie = le début d'une quête épique ! Experte en jeux vidéo, Sam est sur le point de réaliser son rêve en créant le sien. Mais la dure réalité la rattrape quand un streamer populaire en fait une critique cinglante. Alors qu'elle est au plus mal, elle découvre que ce streamer est son nouveau voisin ! Parviendra-t-elle à dépasser ses angoisses pour s'affirmer et, pourquoi pas, trouver l'amour ? Retrouvez dans ce premier tome les 23 premiers épisodes, ainsi qu'un chapitre inédit et une interview de l'autrice.

Frequently Asked Questions:

When was the first book of Let's Play published in print?

Let’s Play: Volume 1 was crowdfunded through the platform KICKSTARTER in April 2019. It had 4,438 backers that pledged a total of $233,750.

Why make a print edition of a webcomic/webtoon people can read for free online?

There is still a demand for comics in physical format. Several readers still enjoy holding and reading from a book rather than from an electronic device. By printing the book, we are allowing those readers to enjoy the story in a medium they are more comfortable with.

In addition, at one point, Let’s Play may not be available to read online and your only option to read it will be in print format.

What languages are the books offered in?

Currently, they are offered in English, with preorders for French underway. We hope to announce additional languages soon!

Do the print editions offer anything that isn't available online?

Let’s Play: Volume 1 includes the story “Bowser’s Big Day,” which tells the story of how Bowser entered Sam Young’s life. This additional chapter is unavailable online and only found in the print edition.

How can I get my book signed?

Leeanne will occasionally sell signed copies of her book in her online store. If you already have a copy of her book and would like it signed, your best option is to visit her during a signing event at a local convention.

Why do you crowdfund the books?

Crowdfunding allows for several additional exclusive opportunities for readers. We like to give fans a chance to get unique prints and merchandise and even have their name added to the book as a supporter.

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