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If you’re a fan of visual novel games and collectible card games (CCGs), then EVERDATE might be the perfect game for you. Developed by Leeanne M. Krecic (Mongie) and her team under “Mongie Studios,” EVERDATE is a dating simulator game that blends elements of both genres. The game is based on the characters from Mongie’s popular webcomic Let’s Play and has been eagerly anticipated by fans since its announcement.

Currently, the game is being funded through a Kickstarter campaign, which has two weeks left as of the time of writing. The campaign has already exceeded its initial funding goal, and other stretch goals have been unlocked, promising even more content for players.

In EVERDATE, players take on the role of one of the available 12 characters, trying to win the affection of several love interests. The game features branching storylines that are affected by the player’s choices throughout the game. These choices impact the narrative, gameplay, and the player’s relationships with romantic interests.

Regarding the CCG aspect, EVERDATE features a robust card game system that allows players to collect and use cards in matches with other characters. The game includes various cards with different abilities, and players must strategically build decks to overcome the challenges presented to them by the date’s locations. The CCG aspect adds depth to the game, making it more than just a simple dating simulator.

The game’s stunning visuals feature beautifully drawn characters and rendered environments that bring the world of Let’s Play to life. The music and sound effects also enhance the game’s overall atmosphere, adding to the immersive experience.

In summary, EVERDATE is a unique blend of visual novel and CCG gameplay, with a captivating storyline and stunning visuals. It’s no wonder that the game has already surpassed its initial funding goal on Kickstarter. If you’re a fan of Let’s Play or enjoy dating simulator games and CCGs, be sure to check out EVERDATE and support its Kickstarter campaign while you still can!